Scrapping Freebie: Floral Elements Pack 1

Yay! Finally, I’ve gotten around to posting this. I made this a few weeks back after I finished making the Leaf PS Brushes. I was playing around with different ways I could use the brushes and before I knew it I had a couple of flower elements already.

Lol. It just took me time to clean things up a bit and ‘pack’ it for giveaway, I was too distracted with a letterhead prints project. Anyway, I don’t wanna delay it further, so here’s the freebie.

4 floral elements with leaves from the PS brushes freebie pack.

Freebig Bag Template-NEW

~ Download ~

Image credits: Photorack. This is free for all. You may use it anyway you want. My only condition is to not claim it as your own freebie. I spent hours too extracting and making this. Enjoy!


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