Looking for Crafts Gifts for Crafty Persons?

I’m your typical artsy craftsy person and thankfully a lot of my loved ones and friends are the artsy type too. So picking out gifts for them is not a hard thing for me to do. I just buy them their preferred crafting supplies and they are in creative heaven. But a lot of people out there are clueless when it comes to looking for crafts gifts for their creative pals.

Cool Crafts Gifts

And this is where my new baby (lol!) would come in. I’ll be wearing a different hat for sometime and playing webmaster and tweaking a new site call Cool Crafts Gifts! The domain was a gift from someone and I didn’t want it to go to waste so I decided to create a site where people looking for crafts gifts would be able to find some crafting gifts sets I picked out from different shops online.

The site is still on its tweaking stages but soon it’ll be up and will be announcing it over here.


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