Christmas Hiatus

Nah. I’m not quitting blogging or designing. I just figured I needed a long break. And that’s mainly coz I’m on travel right now. So while mobile internet and wifi hotspots are all the rage now, I don’t like them. Perhaps I’m security conscious? Or I’m also short in patience when it comes to connections dropping now and then. Making seamless blogging close to impossible. So doing research for for 10 panel drug test and blog writing is out for a few weeks at least.

But the good news is that, since I’m usually offline, but still totting my laptop around, that means I’ve got more time hooked up on Photoshop and Illustrator so expect more cutesy freebies once I get back.

I might occasionally drop a post here and there within the coming weeks but that would be. Only when I’m feeling totally over creative and overwhelmingly generous.

I’ll consider this my gift to self this Christmas. A chance to relax. For real.


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