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Cursive Fonts

Beautiful Cursive Fonts From Sudtipos

I’m in LOVE. With fonts. I’m so obsessed with it. Particularly with decorative and cursive fonts. If I had enough time to space I’m pretty certain I would be learning how to make my own fonts. I would probably want to make my own typography and fonts blog. There are lots of free fonts out […]

5 floral polaroid Frames free

Scrapping Freebie: 5 Floral Polaroid Frames

I’m on the freebie roll here so… Here’s 4 Floral Polaroid Frames for everyone. I just love poloroid frames and here I decided to spice it up using my previously released Long Petal Flower PS Brush Set! Got to love the watercolor effect!   ~ Download ~ Download the Brush set and you can also […]

long Petal Flowers PS BRushes

PS Freebie: Long Petals Flower Brushes

At long last! I’m releasing a new freebie for everyone. This is a Photoshop brush set. It contains 7 brushes you can use for your Personal and Commercial projects. All of flowers with long petals. I know there are a lot of brush sets featuring roses (I even have one – check out my 10 […]

Creative BUG Free Premium Trial

Try CreativeBug Premium Craft Classes for FREE!

Lately, I’ve been blabbing a lot about crafting classes online. I LOVE them. Not all of us have the luxury of time and most of the time these classes are not available locally so thank God for the internet where boundaries are removed. I’m just raving about the fact that I don’t need to be […]

Scrapbooking Classes

Awesome Scrapbooking Classes Online

You know something I want to do sometime soon? Learn and discover new techniques when it comes to scrapbooking. Most of the time, I do digi-scrapboooking so my scrapbooking skills are really wanting. So discovering something new everytime is like getting Ableton upgrades! Thankfully there are classes online that can get us all started with […]

Google Fonts

Love for Google Fonts

Today, I just feel like expressing some LOVE for Google Fonts. I just love it and its quite useful for me and can prove to be useful for those who are web design beginners or those with websites and would like to customize their sites without actually changing a whole lot of their themes and codes.

11 Awesome Book Gifts for Creative Persons

I have tons of artsy and crafty friends and relatives. And since I am also rather into arts and crafts its rather easy for me to find gifts for them. But some might find it difficult to find suitable holiday gifts for their creative minded loved ones. The trick is to find something that they […]

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Top Scrapbooking Software: My Memories Suite

Getting into digital scrapbooking can be daunting at first. When I first started, I imagined myself needing to learn an overly complicated graphic design software. But that’s not the case at all! In fact there are programs available that are easy to use, and would induce creativity in even the most un-techie person. One of […]

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Learn Something Creative. Everyday.

Feel like your creative side is slowly fading out? Need to find new inspiration? Let’s be honest, sometimes even the creative hobby that we enjoy immensely can suddenly become tedious and boring. Sometimes, you get to a point where you wonder, what exactly are you doing, doing this crafty, cluttering thing here. How do you […]

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Free Design Resource: PhotoCopa & Copaso

One of the things that inspire me when I do something is color palette! Yes, a lovely color combo can just trigger lots of creative ideas. And when creating something its also a must for me to have a color palette pre-chosen otherwise I tend to be scatterbrained and the result is chaotic. I’nm the […]

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Crochet Therapy

Taking care of a newborn is an exhilarating, joyful but also exhausting job. That’s my current situation. LOL. There are days my little one is angelic, always cooing, sleeping and feeding peacefully. Other days, he just likes to practice his vocal chords and cannot be pleased. And that leaves me extremely exhausted and the bare […]

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Scrapping Freebie: Swirly Pattern Overlay + Free Sample Papers

I know. As a blogger, I’ve been really amiss. But I have the perfect excuse. Ha! I’m pregnant and to be honest, the last thing I wanted to do was sit down all day in front of the computer and write. I’ve been itching to do some graphic designing but I simply didn’t have the […]

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Colorful Laptop Case/Sleeve

Hardly a craftsy post, but this is what I want for Christmas! And it has to be colorful, you know, to celebrate my love for color. Its not a bad thing to have on my wishlist, noh? I specially want these. I just don’t know which one to get. Ha!   Elonbo TM Fashion Cute […]

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Pretty Artscow Custom Bucket Bag Templates

These would make gorgeous gifts for girl friends. I’ve been designing some bucket bags for Artscow, and I realize these are just so femininely cute. Would really make great gifts. I’m sure ladies would love it.. Note that these templates are free to use. You can simply click on the ‘Create a Gift Like This’ […]

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